Enhance Sports Ability With Sport Hypnosis

Sport Hypnosis
Enhance Sports Ability With Sport Hypnosis

There is a system of sport hypnosis for sport that many hypnotherapists refer to as the “Benson Relaxation Response.” It is well respected by the sports clients that use it to enhance their mental ability to focus and perform better. This performance ability allows the connection of the two systems into one cohesive machine of efficiency. Here is a little about how it works.

The Basics of How This Works in Sport Hypnosis:

The two parts of the mind and the body are not independent of one another. In fact, they are unable to function separately. Many physicians have long noted that the two are so connected in fact, that one can adversely affect the other. When a person is stressed, they can develop ulcers and other physical manifestations of their emotional, or mental condition. Therapy has handled this for years. It can be done for any sport. We treat the mind along with the body. When the two are in perfect balance, then we can say that the person is healed.

When they do not maintain this balance though, it can once again become dis-jointed and suffer physically. Blood pressure and other such issues can cause this for many people. In fact, most people are unaware that most allergic issues have more in common with the mental health of a person, than real allergies. That is where the power of relaxation with hypnosis comes into effect. If it can heal a body, then it can definitely help you sports performance.

How to Use it to Enhance Your Game using Sport Hypnosis:

You should begin with regular meditation. Schedule an appointment with your therapist to work towards improving your game. This will allow you to truly get ahead and make your mind line up with your body. Then you will have to watch out! Your performance will go through the roof!

Any problems that are holding you back can be overcome with hypnosis. Schedule several sessions until you get yourself back on track once again. Then, you will be able to tackle anything that is placed in front of you. There will not be a fear of anything once this is mastered. Then, you will be able to focus on the physical. Most athletes know that their bodies can do the things that they have to do. The only problem is the mind. It has to overcome those issues that have been holding you back for far too long.

How Sport Hypnosis is Done:

Your therapist will place you in a trace-like state. Then, you will be talked through the steps to heal the damage that has been holding you back for years. Positive focus is placed on the thing that you wish to achieve. Then, through the fact that you are telling yourself that you can do something, your body will follow suit. It is simply a matter of training your mind to believe that you can perform that task that has seemed overwhelming for years.

Follow Up is Key:

Once you have begun this process, you will notice that you must follow up on it. That means that you have to get your mind focused on the task at hand. That task is to maintain the positive and eliminate the negative. How you do that, is entirely up to you.


There are some very positive side-effects of all of this. You will begin to notice that you are feeling better about everything in your life. Your health will remain steady and strong. Your self-confidence will be that was as well. In fact, most people that use this technique for their athletes, notice that the overall health of the individual is greatly enhanced. When you are performing at your best, then you will continue this excellent cycle for any sport that you want to improve.


Hypnosis To Improve Athleticism

Sport Hypnosis


Hypnosis To Improve Athleticism

Can a relaxing and pleasant experience increase athleticism and cause improvement in sports? A new product for sport hypnosis is called HypnoSubliminals has been established as even more powerful than therapist induced hypnosis, creating instant and long lasting results. Based on the concept that the subconscious mind picks up messages, this product rewrites negative behaviors and old ways of thinking by appealing to this frequency. The HypnoSubliminal session uses various frequencies to reach into different sections of the brain and befittingly reprogram the mind to work better. Neuro research suggests that different areas of the brain respond to different frequency patterns. The HypnoSubliminal session utilizes the alpha and theta waves.

-Beta Waves: normal consciousness, present during every day activities
-Alpha Waves: light meditation, prevalent during daydreams
-Theta Waves: deep meditative state, occur during heightened states of creativity

In addition to this message a process called stereo-confusion projects messages in both ears, jumbling and distracting the conscious mind. But the subconscious mind can read past the confusion and understand the message. The HypnoSubliminal session combines many different elements of understanding techniques.

Many sports can be learned by an individual or improved on significantly by this product and using hypnosis. These sports include: Yoga, surfing, skateboarding, Jiujitsu, golf, and even motivation for working out in the first place. Positive reinforcement is key to improving the individuals sport of choice. Hypnosis is a very powerful thing and can change the way people think. At first a person might be in the habit of reenforcing negative ideas such as: “I’ll never be that thin, I might as well not work out” or “I just don’t think I can be good enough for the game on Saturday” but during the hypnosis session these negative thoughts are ignored and positive ideas and goals are implanted in the mind. A person could essentially program their mind to love working out and never skip a workout again. The most common excuse for not trying a sport or starting a workout regimen is a lack of motivation but with HypnoSubliminals that motivation can replace those negative thoughts that hold people back.

But hypnosis improves even more than just the motivation. Hypnosis can improve the actual skill and tricks of a particular sport. HypnoSubliminals are designed to help an individual develop the mindset of the worlds top athletes. Usually a star athlete will have a second nature for the sport, and can do the tricks with their eyes closed. Hypnosis sessions increase the persons feel of the sport, or the underlying knowledge of it. It helps surfers sense where better waves are, skaters feel the ability to do new tricks and keep balance, and much more. Hypnosis sessions help regular people develop professional capabilities for their favorite sport immediately and have a long lasting effect.

HynoSubliminals also increase a persons drive to win. For individuals this helps them not only win more often at their favorite sports but also create self confidence in other areas of life. Suddenly winning won’t seem like something that happens to “just about everyone else.” These sessions also reduce fatigue and increase the inner drive to succeed and finish the activity, whether it be a marathon or a quick workout.

HypnoSubliminals are also proven to work better than therapist induced hypnosis. And is quite a bit cheaper and a lot more convenient for the user. Along with the subliminal messages, it also uses direct messages that are picked up by the ears. And by combining traditional hypnotherapy and advanced subliminal techniques, individuals feel extreme results even after the first try. But he/she can listen to it as much as needed, each time maximizing the profound effects. The individual can develop in ways which would not be possible with just conscious personal development.

Some Facts About HypnoSubliminal Sessions:
-The use of subliminal messages are so powerful they have been banned in advertisement.
-The subconscious mind listens and responds to messages blindly, so when it is told “Eat healthier” or “Work out more” it simply listens with no complications.
-Thousands of studies corroborate that subliminal messages have a profound effect on humans.

The great thing about these sessions is that they are in MP3 format and can be listened to on a wide range of devices. HypnoSubliminal Sessions are the must have product for all aspiring athletes who need to gain an edge.

Voices of Success:
-In a 80’s study on subliminal messages, Dr. Silverman had enormous success using subliminal messages to get people to quit smoking. He combined hypnosis with behavioral therapy.
-An experiment done by a reputable medical journal, people had been tested for their given darts accuracy of throws. They were given several of these subliminal messages; “Winning against the other guy is okay”, “winning against his is wrong”, and a nonreactive control message of “Notice other people walking”. Results displayed that people shown the message “Winning against the other guy is okay” showed a more impressive dart throwing accuracy than people listening to the other subliminal messages.
-In one study, Dr. Hal Becker made the people in groups guess a 3-digit number. An experimental group was given a number of subliminal messages in an audio excerpt. In 3 separate trials, on average 77% of subjects who listened to the numbers guessed right, in comparison to the 10% of other subjects in the control groups who weren’t shown subliminally the numbers. This confirms that subliminal messages are picked up by the subconscious mind.

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The Aid Of Hypnosis In Sport Performance

Many sports professionals have learned the secrets of hypnosis in sport performance and how hypnosis takes an athlete to the next level. Training the mind is as crucial as training the muscles, and any serious athlete should know not only the importance of mental training, but also the benefits. Hypnosis in sport performance is one of the easiest ways to bring the mind to the level of peace it needs to be a successful athlete of the highest potential.

What can mental training through hypnosis do to make you a better performer in your athletic endeavors? Hypnosis in sport performance will coach your mind to easily face any challenges you will face in your physical training. Whether insecurities come in the form of low levels of motivation or fear of failure; hypnosis in sport performance will painlessly guide your mind through exercises specifically formulated to overcome these insecurities while you are in a peaceful relaxed state.

The term hypnosis comes from the Greek word for sleep: “hypno.” James Braid coined the term hypnosis, in 1841, with his theory that hypnosis was a sleeping state of the nervous system. This theory turned out to be accurate, and many new self-help techniques have been developed since! During this ‘sleeping state,’ the mind can be programmed to react to various triggers. This is how hypnosis in sport performance works: by training the subconscious mind to react a particular way when signaled.

In hypnosis for sport performance you will be asked to imagine yourself meeting the goals you wish to achieve. Take a moment and picture yourself making the perfect shot or scoring a flawless goal. Imagine coming up from behind in a race, being the first to cross the finish line ahead of legions of other runners…

You would stay cool, calm, and collected under the pressure, as you would know that you are capable of reaching these goals. You are a winner, and you have everything you need to succeed. All the tools you require to be on top are fresh in your mind, because your mind is that tool.

Hypnosis used for sport performance does more than merely work on improving an athlete’s mental approach to the game; it works to perfect it. By working through the athlete’s relaxed state, the thinking process surrounding success is altered with the knowledge of his or her personal abilities. He knows he can kick a perfect field goal. She knows she can complete the perfect overhand serve. How? Because their minds are already aware of their potential before the bodies have a chance to catch up.

One of the biggest issues in sports performance is the distraction of the mind. Hypnosis will not only improve self esteem, it will teach you how to stay focused on preparing for the game, freeing your brain from distractions, and improving confidence in your ability to concentrate, even in the wake of negativity. Clearing negativity from the mind at crucial moments during sporting events is one of the first steps to

The mind ultimately commands the body. When your brain sends a signal for a body part to complete a specific action, your body will obey; as long as the signals are clear and direct. Hypnosis gives you a simple, effective way to create direct, clearer connections from mind to body with very little effort. Your mind and body will be given commands through the process of hypnosis that will remain after you are released from your hypnotic state. When one of these commands is triggered, your body will react as it was instructed during the process.

How do you know if hypnosis to increase your sport performance is right for you? If you are an athlete, or if you want to be an athlete but never found your niche, hypnosis is right for you. If you play an individual sport, team sport, play professionally, dabbled in high school or college, or consider yourself to be a beginner looking for the sport that’s right for you- hypnosis can help you meet your goals.

For many people, the benefits of hypnosis can be seen immediately. For others, after a few sessions their performance levels will jump. Confidence levels increase rapidly and in turn, so don’t the number of amazing wins.

If you are a coach looking for a way to improve your team’s overall performance and morale, consider hypnosis as a group exercise. The group element will allow for the minds of all players on the team to be in tune with each other. Imagine a whole team of awakened minds and bodies ready to work together, perfecting the game.

Remember, hypnosis is not about mind control; it’s about regulating the amount of energy you spend in concentration. It’s about creating a oneness between your body and mind, finding a comfortable level of relaxation that will allow for improvement in your athletic endeavors.

Hypnosis allows the mind to feel revitalized and full of new, incredible energy. An energized mind will fight off negativity; an important factor in athletic success. When the mind is clear of negative thoughts stemming from low confidence levels, and fear of failure, all that is left to do is succeed. If you feel you need to improve your game, or want to learn how to be more positive about your talents, sports performance hypnosis is the next best step for you in improving an important aspect of your life!


Sport Hypnosis And Your Mind

Athletes face a difficult struggle every day. They are expected to perform in difficult environments without concern for themselves. While an athlete may be physically prepared for a sporting event, he or she must also be psychologically prepared for the challenge of a game or race. Mind over matter can be a powerful way to boost athletic endurance and performance. It’s important to understand how sports hypnosis and your mind can play a valuable role in performance.

People have been practicing hypnosis for thousands of years. One of the earliest known forms of hypnosis was yoga. Yoga was originally practiced by Buddhists in India and Asia. Over the years, the practice of yoga spread to other parts of the world.

Yoga is a combination of stretching poses, breathing exercises, and medication. It can be a great way for athletes to relieve stress and achieve peace of mind. In addition, yoga can be a valuable tool for basic strength training and endurance. While yoga is not a high-impact activity, it can be a great way to strengthen and tone different parts of the body. In addition, an hour of yoga can be a great way to achieve a cardiovascular workout.

While the physical aspects of yoga are valuable for many people, its primary value comes from meditation and breathing exercises. It’s easy to allow all the demands of modern life to overwhelm the mind. This can result in anxiety, confusion, depression, and more. In addition, it’s impossible to see what truly matters without self-reflection. Introspection can be a valuable tool for athletes of all ages and skill levels. It can help an athlete find an inner purpose for his or her actions. This can translate to excellent performance on the playing field.

There are other types of hypnosis that can be very effective for athletes. One of the most common forms of hypnosis uses subliminal messages.

The human mind is a combination of conscious and unconscious thoughts. While it’s easy to think about what is happening in the world around us, it becomes more difficult to think about what is happening inside us. It’s important to understand that everyone we comprehend about the world is through the thought processes of a three pound brain. Every sensation, feeling, and action we take is comprehended through something that is smaller than a soccer ball. There is no fixed reality in our world. Since every human being perceives the world in different ways, it’s important to acknowledge that no individual has a fixed notion of reality.

Understanding how perception can change between people can be a valuable tool on the sports field. While all athletes are motivated to win a game, they may be motivated for different reasons. These reasons can include parental expectations, a desire for glory, insecurity, victory for a team, and more. It’s essential to understand what is powering someone to win. While it may be possible to win for the wrong reason once in a while, it is an unsustainable practice in the long run. It’s essential to have a strong personal value attached to victory. Since the thrill of victory may dissipate over time, it’s important to have something that motivates an athlete through both wins and loses.

Subliminal hypnosis can help instill these values into an athlete or sports professional. Most subliminal hypnosis programs use a music real with a hidden voice track. It’s a good idea to play subliminal messages while one sleeps. This can be a great way to embed powerful thoughts into the unconscious mind. Over time, the thoughts of the unconscious mind will transfer to the conscious mind. This can be a powerful way to achieve clarity of thought and action.

Many different cultures use medication for different purposes. While different religions may approach meditation in different ways, they often follow a similar theme. Individuals who pray or engage in meditation are blending their unconscious and conscious mind.

There are also more scientific ways to approach sports hypnosis. There are a variety of psychology books that can provide valuable information for sport coaches and athletes. Many of these books can help leaders build their emotional intelligence. By inspiring team members to push themselves to the max, it’s possible to lead a group of athletes to victory.

Hypnosis is only one part of building a successful sport team or athlete. While hypnosis can help people achieve peace of mind, understand their true goals, and achieve clarity, it’s important to help athletes work on their teamwork skills and their overall game. By combining several different techniques to build athletes and teams, it’s possible to achieve powerful results.


How Famous Athletes Use Sport Hypnosis

Sport Hypnosis

How Famous Athletes Use Sports Hypnosis

Athletes need many things to be good at their sport. Practice, determination, and a positive attitude help many players go far. People who play a sport know the importance of keeping their body in great psychical shape. The body performs best when it is healthy and fit, so professional athletes devote huge quantities of their time to maintaining and strengthening their physical prowess. However, the mind benefits from training too. Making sure one practices the right mindset is proving to help some athletes excel in their field. Athletes who are serious about moving ahead in their chosen sport often consider sport hypnosis. Many famous athletes have used sport hypnosis to improve their game. These athletes used the power of their mind to become big names in their industry.

Sports Hypnosis is often seen as away to prep an athlete before the game. Concentration and focus become easy when one enters the right mental state. A hypnotherapist will work with an athlete to calm their mind and rid it of distractions that can get in the way of game-play. One of the biggest names to use sport hypnotherapy is Michael Jordan. This basketball star used hypnotherapy before every game to improve his mental stamina. The whole Chicago Bulls team incorporated hypnotherapy into their pregame sessions to center themselves and gain an edge over their opponents.

Winning an Olympic medal is a huge feat. Olympic athletes train constantly and dedicate themselves to their craft. Olympic athlete Mary Lou Retton used sports hypnosis to help bring a gold, and many other medals, home to the United States. Mary Lou Retton’s style of hypnosis involved picturing her routines in her head. She would visualize her performance and convince her mind that she could achieve the idea in her head. She saw a flawless routine in her head every night, and when she went onto the mat she was able to execute her routine the same way she envisioned it playing out in her mind. Her brain trained her body to believe she could achieve a perfect routine. This approach led her to victory and a gold medal. Many other Olympic athletes also practice hypnosis. The Russian gymnastic team has been bring hypnotherapists to the Olympic games for years.

Tiger Woods has had a long and prestigious golfing career. He is arguably one of the greatest golfers in American history. He is able to make shots that no one else can, and many people marvel at his technique. Tiger Woods has been a disciple of sports hypnosis since he was 13. He uses sport hypnosis to calm his mind before golfing matches. He frees his mind from worry and pressure, and this technique allows him to perform better. Hypnosis is often used for this cause. If one clears one’s mind from distractions, then they can focus solely on the game. This allows an individual to devote all their concentration to the game, so they can play better.

Any athlete can use this technique to improve their game. Boxer Kevin McBride is known for beating Mike Tyson in a championship fight. The boxer used hypnosis to uncover his full potential. The subconscious mind is thought to have a huge amount of untapped power. The brain does not function at its full potential during every moment of the day. Sport hypnosis helps athletes channel more of their brain power when they play. Anyone can call upon this power and use more of their mind. Using more of one’s mind can help an athlete achieve new records and accomplish things they had not done before.

Many athletes acknowledge that sports are not entirely a physical game. A player’s body has to be in shape, but this is only one part of the battle. Sports are largely a mental game. First, a player needs to have the right attitude to win. They need to believe they can win or they will be hindering their abilities with a lack of confidence. Then, a person has to be focused on winning. Doubts, anxiety, and unrelated thoughts can often get in the way of a player’s game. That is why famous athletes use sport hypnosis to relax their mind and focus on the challenge in front of them.

Famous athletes have been granted many innate abilities that have helped them achieve in their field. However, there are many abilities they have had to work hard at in order to achieve. Getting one’s mind in the right state to win is a problem every athlete faces. These famous athletes were willing to do whatever was necessary to win their game. They used sport hypnosis as a way to channel their thoughts and improve their playing abilities. Sport hypnosis can help anyone. It does not matter if one is a new basketball player or Michael Jordan. Sport hypnosis helps every athlete get in a position where they can be a superstar.


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